Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Merry Christmas everyone! This is my favorite time of the year to take you all for a stroll through our Holiday magic and this year’s Winter Wonderland. Grab a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of bubbly and join me. Brrrrrr… Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

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Garden Tour!

At long last, I am actually sitting and so happy to be able to share with you the Tour of Gardens that we were fortunate to be a part of in our beautiful hometown.​  I say at long last because I do not think I actually sat down for the weeks leading up to the Tour and then I was forced to catch up with realities after such a long escape into our gardens.  Now it is a bit bittersweet to have such a massive project come to a close but the tried and true thing about gardening is that it really never ends!

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Valentine’s Day Sweetness!

Well, hello everyone!  We had a bit of a breather to deeply clean after the Christmas holidays and we had so much fun pulling out the first new decorations for 2017.  To have everything in the house popping with red, pink, and love all over is just perfect on these chilly winter days!

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Doggie Christmas Love

So, my weakness in life is my love for animals and sharing with you why this year was difficult is tough but I know you will understand. Each year my first and favorite room to decorate is the dog’s room.

Prince, my King Charles, and Lovey, my Shi Tzu, anxiously awaited each year for their room to light up.

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Thanksgiving Traditions: New and Old

As the Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, I find myself purposefully slowing down to reflect on all the beauty of fall and one of my newest as well as oldest traditions.  Instead of rushing into your Christmas decorations I invite you to pause with me to reflect also.
Our Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends from close and afar.  Each and every one of of them was welcomed into our home and we could not be more excited and grateful to greet them at our front door.

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