My Husband’s Game Room!

Sports … such a simple word but it is truly larger than life in our family’s world.  Thankfully, in this day and age there is never a moment that there is not some sort of sports action to watch, cheer, scream, or sometimes just chill and enjoy.  My husband’s game room has become the center hub for all things sports and I am excited to share it with you. Thankfully my husband (Tim) knew from the starting gate that his room was going to not be one that we have all seen depicted in movies of complete debauchery but rather one that exemplifies the respect of the “game.”

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St. Patrick’s Day with Sparkle!

How can one possibly not absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day? A day full of green explosions,  joy, shenanigans, gold coins, green feathers,  traditional food, and libations flowing. Yes, Home with Sparkle is embracing it whole heartedly. Come along, enjoy and give yourself a pinch from me if you are not wearing green on St. Patty’s Day!

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Mardi Gras Fun!

Mardi Gras truly tops as one of my favorite celebrations of all!  The explosion of colors within masks, beads and celebrations all add up to the epitome of grandeur decorating!  While participating in a Mardi Gras parade this weekend, I complimented a woman on her over-the-top festive attire and she so perfectly stated that it is the one time a year you can pull out all of your insane and quite possibly borderline tacky boxes of treasures and wear them proudly … it is so true!  While adorning ourselves in the outrageous to entertain parade watchers, it is a completely different story within Home with Sparkle.  

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Valentine’s Day Sweetness!

Well, hello everyone!  We had a bit of a breather to deeply clean after the Christmas holidays and we had so much fun pulling out the first new decorations for 2017.  To have everything in the house popping with red, pink, and love all over is just perfect on these chilly winter days!

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A New Years Celebration Tree!

Wait one minute before you take down your Christmas tree … let her “Sparkle” one more time!

We absolutely adore our tree that you have seen through the Thanksgiving Thankfullness, Christmas Celebrating and now has an opportunity to shine again as a New Years Resolution Tree.

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Doggie Christmas Love

So, my weakness in life is my love for animals and sharing with you why this year was difficult is tough but I know you will understand. Each year my first and favorite room to decorate is the dog’s room.

Prince, my King Charles, and Lovey, my Shi Tzu, anxiously awaited each year for their room to light up.

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Christmas with Chester

Our newest family member and star of the show this year: Chester, the nutcracker of all nutcrackers!

There was no leaving this guy behind when I found him after Christmas last year in Atlanta. I should have known when it took three big men at HomeGoods to dismantle him that I was in for a challenge!

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Our Christmas kitchen!

Happy Monday everyone! We renovated our kitchen a few years ago and opened it up into the living room, which has quickly become everyones’ favorite room to hang. For that reason, it is one of my favorite rooms to decorate! If you remember our Thanksgiving Tree, this tree in the kitchen is the same one that we redecorated for Christmas. So fun!

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