About Me

Hello world… I am so excited to introduce myself to you and to see where we will go together! Sparkle is what all of my near and dear, as well as now all of you, call me. My actual name is Stephanie but my dear friend Manny, a very tall Cuban manly-man, gave me the name Sparkle years ago and it stuck. I could not adore him any more for bestowing such a perfect name for me and it always makes me smile when I hear it. The best part is people cannot help but smile when they call out “Sparkle” and that is a gift in itself!
Entertaining is a tremendous part of my life. When we have the opportunity to entertain and fundraise for causes we love to do so but entertaining just for fun is also a constant joy too! A full house of laughter and memories being made is what melts my heart. I look forward to sharing with you my family, holidays, everyday life, parties, moments of serenity, moments of craziness, and most of all just how to make your world “Sparkle” too.
My true passion and skill set over the years has evolved into simply making the world a better place wherever and whenever I can. Adding that special touch of “Sparkle” is so worth whatever effort it takes and it will come back to you a million times over.
Thank you for inviting me into to your world and “Sparkle On!”