Happiest of Easter Wishes!

Easter … when the essence of family and the beauty of Spring come together to create a colorful and fulfilling sight for the eyes and hearts. Each year I adore bringing out our Easter decorations and each year my heart melts just a bit more at the memories created long ago.  As you can imagine, my heart also melts at the gorgeous Spring colors that explode!

One of the first treasures to come out each year is the Easter hat of all Easter hats! This spectacular maze of flowers, eggs, butterflies, ribbon, and of course a sturdy straw hat was lovingly orchestrated by my mother who is looking down from heaven now and smiling at us all.  It was a crazy fun-filled afternoon when the four of us created this and kept adding more and more, of course!  My mom was a gifted artist and her gift of bringing the perfect colors together was remarkable!
Both of our daughters wore this in their lower school Easter parades.  I can still picture them like yesterday walking very carefully to ensure that the hat (that was about as large as they were at the time) would not fall!  Little teary right now sharing this with you but treasured items like this one are not only beautiful in your home but also make you stop, cherish, and smile- which is a true blessing!
The kitchen island is constantly changing with each season, holiday, and any and every family event.  I love that all of our daily metallic glitz compliments the Easter decorations. Candlesticks, eggs, picture frames, and of course more family memories!
Please indulge me one more time down memory lane.  The two bonnets were made out of paper plates no less and also worn by my girls in lower school. If you look closely in the picture frame you will see them actually modeling them!

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I always tie in decorations with my favorite collections and one of my favorite collections is a host of gardening books.  Much to my delight the bunnies, eggs, and speckled gazing ball beautifully accent the garden-themed books.
Pictured here is my sitting area that is truly my serenity.  Maybe, just maybe, I will have the opportunity on this beautiful Easter Day to sit and enjoy once again these dog-eared pages of some of the most magical gardens imaginable.  To do so and look out the window at our garden fills my heart.  Today I will try to look out the window and just enjoy and not think of the million things I need to do in the garden.  Wish me luck with that concept!
Shout out to my husband for knowing my passion for tulips and surprising me this week.  Tulips are truly an art form of their own!
The silver eggs sit upon the trey next to a basket of spare bunny ears for anyone that  would like to don them upon their head.  I must share last night while sitting quietly with my one of daughters having a little screen time, I looked up and she had bunny ears on.  I do believe there may of been a bit of Snapchatting going on and I adore that she is sharing her home with her friends, even if it is virtually!
Looking over the sitting area is our deer showing off his Easter eggs and Elmer the cow, whom I think is not quite thrilled to have pink Easter bunny ears.  I tried to find blue ones for him to no avail.
I have told Elmer to embrace the feminine side of his masculinity but I do believe the look in his eyes is not of agreement.  Next year I shall try harder to find ones that he wears with pride!
Along with everything garden-themed that I love is this crown filled with my favorite Easter bunnies and glossy eggs. This crown, like the kitchen island, is always a highlight but I do think when it is filled with Easter decorations it is at its best. Next to the crown are our girls’ Easter baskets that await to be filled. Same baskets and same straw from day one for each of them.
Some of the straw just may be a bit sticky from jelly beans of the past! While they are now 23 and 21 it is still fun to surprise them with their baskets filled with treats. I can just imagine their world falling down around them if it were not so … no dramatics at all with all ladies and one man in our home!
Join me outside now to meet Emaline, our Garden Lady.  She has her bonnet perfectly accented with a carrot and carrots flow in abundance from her garden basket.  While this look is not quite her normal stately persona, I do love the unexpected smile as guests walk up and see her.  Lovey is just grateful that he did not have to wear the fabulous bonnet and only had to wear bunny ears.
Thank you for allowing me to share with our family Easter world with you.  I hope your Easter is filled with family and love … and maybe, just maybe, some sticky candied straw!

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