My Husband’s Game Room!

Sports … such a simple word but it is truly larger than life in our family’s world.  Thankfully, in this day and age there is never a moment that there is not some sort of sports action to watch, cheer, scream, or sometimes just chill and enjoy.  My husband’s game room has become the center hub for all things sports and I am excited to share it with you. Thankfully my husband (Tim) knew from the starting gate that his room was going to not be one that we have all seen depicted in movies of complete debauchery but rather one that exemplifies the respect of the “game.”

The first thing everyone notices is the six televisions that are ready for viewing.  There is nothing quite like it when we all want to watch different games and Tim masterfully works one remote to control them all.
I conquer things everyday in my life but I will readily admit that this remote and all its infinite wisdom is something that I shall not touch or even attempt to conquer!  The black walls behind the TV screens make them appear seamless while viewing and I love the richness and warmth it provides both by day and night.
We recently changed the ceiling color to this vibrant blue and it perfectly compliments so many treasures in the room.  Friends and family walk in and note the color change and I love when you see the “wow” in their eyes!
The bar is truly where Tim is at the height of entertaining happiness.  He is the ultimate welcoming host for each person that enters his world of sports and truly loves nothing more than mixing a drink or popping a beer for anyone that feels the same passion for sports as he does.  While he is an courtroom attorney by day, it always makes me happy to see him holding “court” behind his bar.
A stocked fridge and ample libations are always at the ready, as well as the multitude of copper mugs for all our friends that have adopted my favorite beverage of choice- a moscow mule!
One cannot experience the essence of the game room without having popcorn and Tim’s popcorn machine is ready to perform at any point in time!  True friends walk in, grab a popcorn container, fill it up and make themselves comfortable for the game of the moment.
Friends also help themselves to a koozie of their choice.  We have collected them from travels all over the place from the fanciest of bars to the most Southern dive bars imaginable and each one brings back a happy memory.
Sports in the South … oh my, it is rich with history, loyalties, divisions, and brings about heights of emotions like no other.  Our sports world is especially complicated in that we are all from rivalries from every direction.  Tim is an avid University of Florida Gator, I bleed garnet and gold for the Florida State Seminoles and our two daughters chose two different arch rivals with one being a Bulldog at the University of Georgia and a Tiger from Auburn University.  Complicated, intense, and very long fall Saturday game days to watch every ones’ teams is and forever will be a huge part of our family tradition.  Pass the popcorn to Mama because I need it! 
While the Gator memorabilia in the room outweighs the other teams, I am quite happy that my alma mater has some play time also.  The autographed jerseys side-by-side say it all.  We are a house divided but ultimately the love of the game is what it is all about.
The bookcases are filled with memorabilia from autographed footballs, baseballs, trophies, ticket stubs, and event programs. If you ask Tim to share in the memories with you, he will go through each momentum in detail with the excitement of a little boy at Christmas talking about the history of each item.  My favorite in the bookcase is no surprise because it is a Wheaties box with our daughter on it from a volleyball tournament years ago and her first pair of cleats from soccer that I can hold in the palm of my hand.  I have to give Tim full credit for the display and care of all of these memories because he single-handedly placed each and every memory.


The headdresses are mine and I love that they reside amongst all of the Gator greatness.  The smaller red one was a gift that I cherish made by a Mayoki friend in Pensacola.  The Mayokis are a fictitious Indian tribe that enhances the City of Pensacola Fiesta of Five Flags celebration which is one of the parades we participate in while representing Springtime Tallahassee.  I adore this group that spreads goodwill from home to afar and to have one of their headpieces was a major coo for me! 
The large one was a gift from my husband that was instigated by a dear girlfriend during her travels.  I absolutely can not wait for next Fall and to wear this head dress at our tailgate extravaganzas.  The irony that my Gator husband gave to me the Seminole colored headdress is not lost and that is placed amongst his UF treasures is a feather in my Headdress! 
No details are left untouched and this is evident in the bathroom of all places.  Tim has traveled the world golfing and his journeys are showcased in this room.  My dear friend Everett artfully arranged this room and to him I give his credit due on this one. 
Framed score cards, golfing pictures from courses around the world, and actual clubs artfully hung tell stories on their own. Not only could one spend time in there if they choose too but if they do they will not be at a loss of a single moment of the game because there is a TV in there too! 
This was actually a last minute idea of mine when we renovated his room and he loved the surprise.  Yes, no details left untouched!
This room has become so much more than the “Game Room”.   The room serves as Tim’s solitary escape from the stresses of work life, a place for our family to snuggle in for movie time, a room that has seen many celebrations,  and often the last stop on late nights for our friends. Whatever the occasion and whatever the rivalries, this room welcomes and hugs us all!

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