St. Patrick’s Day with Sparkle!

How can one possibly not absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day? A day full of green explosions,  joy, shenanigans, gold coins, green feathers,  traditional food, and libations flowing. Yes, Home with Sparkle is embracing it whole heartedly. Come along, enjoy and give yourself a pinch from me if you are not wearing green on St. Patty’s Day!

Our fireplace is adorned with multiple party hats so when any guest walks through our door that may be “underdressed,” they can be outfitted immediately.
We have collected these hats for year and have a stash ready for you all!
I especially love when we have late spring fires in the fireplace and the feathers on her boa blow in the wind.  Secretly, I think she is loving the drama and would love to dance right off the mantle!
I did have a bit of an accident this week… all is good now and through it all I appreciated so very much the thoughtfulness of so many friends and family.  The bonus was a multitude of flowers to place amongst the St. Patty decorations. Just perfect!
As always, the buffet showcases a bit of the past with my daughters’ artwork. Truly I adore these sentiments so much and thankfully my family enjoy them too instead of rolling thier eyes at sentimental Mama. The birds of paradise are absolutely thrilling!
The kitchen island is always so much fun to decorate. I found the lazy susan at 14th Street Antiques in Atlanta during our kitchen renovation project and it is absolutely my favorite piece to work with when decorating. To be able to spin it and see the view from every direction is a huge plus for successfully pulling off every design in mind!
More flowers, one of my favorite antique books, and candles of different sizes complete the island theme.  I highly recommend to have an entire arsenal of candlesticks and candles at the ready.  You can never ever have too many and it is brilliant to have them ready year-round.
Of course Elmer took his role seriously, as always, but he may just have been beaten at his own game by the kitchen deer.  As I mentioned my accident earlier, I must mention that because of it I was unable to use my best friend … my ladder! The family would not let me go up it and believe me there were watching eyes everywhere.
But again a bonus, because my heart melted when my husband successfully took over and decorated Mr. Deer. He did a great job!  Then decorating credit must also be given to Amanda who does the brilliant photography for Home with Sparkle.  Amanda climbed right up the ladder and made Elmer the studly cow he strives to be!
Anyway, I do believe the game is on between the cow and the deer and we shall see who is crowned victorious!
Home with Sparkle hopes you all go forth, embrace St. Patrick decorating, pull off some memorable shenanigans and as always, Sparkle On!

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