Mardi Gras Fun!

Mardi Gras truly tops as one of my favorite celebrations of all!  The explosion of colors within masks, beads and celebrations all add up to the epitome of grandeur decorating!  While participating in a Mardi Gras parade this weekend, I complimented a woman on her over-the-top festive attire and she so perfectly stated that it is the one time a year you can pull out all of your insane and quite possibly borderline tacky boxes of treasures and wear them proudly … it is so true!  While adorning ourselves in the outrageous to entertain parade watchers, it is a completely different story within Home with Sparkle.  

I have collected masks from years of traveling here, there and everywhere.  These are two of my absolute favorite!
The black-and-white one was one my husband surprised me with after a trip to Italy.  I must share that I fell in love with him all over again when I realized at that moment he truly understood me and why ever go demur when you can have this bit of fabulous in your life!
Later, I added the rhinestone mask when headed out the door to a masquerade ball.  The compliments were flowing that evening and I adored every minute of wearing it, as I am sure you would too!
The purple and green mask was from A&E Pharmacy in Pensacola, Florida.  Truly one of the most unique stores that I have been to. One has to actually visit there to understand that a pharmacy, fabric, hardware and Mardi Gras supply store can all actually be under one roof and somehow make sense.  It was a fun day shopping with friends that I will always remember when this amazing mask is pulled out for Mardi Gras.
The mantle and the kitchen island are always two of my favorite places to decorate.  The statue on the mantle is one that is decorated year-round but I do think she seems to like this pose the best.
To feel regal every minute of the day certainly does not exhaust her!  I have simply added beads, boas and masks to create a celebratory mantle for all to enjoy when they come to our home.
The kitchen island showcases so many treasures that I adore.  The sequin masks were ones that my daughters and friends wore when I was part of an amazing team of decorators for a Boys Town Gala in Tallahassee.  It was a hugely successful night for one of my favorite organizations and to have saved these masks to enjoy all these years later means the world to me.
The flags came from a street vendor in New Orleans when I was the luckiest Mom in the world to have a Mother Daughter Mardi Gras weekend to celebrate my daughter and her best friends’ birthdays.  The memories made that weekend are some of the best of the best and you can still see our smiles in the framed picture on the island.
As you know from past posts, I love and suggest you all place personal pictures amongst your decorations of years pasts.  It lends the personal memories and touch that you yourself will treasure and your guests will always smile.  The smaller framed picture is when I was able to wear a true Mardi Gras headpiece at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans and that was a moment that I truly thought I had died and gone to heaven!  Much to my chagrin, they made me leave it behind but it is not too far fetched to think a similar one just may end up in our collection one day!
Elmer the Kitchen Cow of course rose to the occasion and feels quite studly in his purple and gold fluerde-leis cowboy hat.  Why would anyone expect any less of him on this day of all days!
Our deer though continues to roll his eyes at Elmer with a bit of “I continue to bring the class to the kitchen” kind of attitude.  Love them both and have enjoyed seeing their personalities continue to evolve throughout the year!
As all should know, ornaments are not just for the Christmas holidays.  Magical ornaments have been created for many of our year-round celebrations and here you will see some of the most colorful of all.  These Radko treasures truly depict the celebration of Mardi Gras.  Just looking closely at the detail amazes me each time of the craftsmanship and talent of so many.
These particular ornaments came from Espositos Garden Center in Tallahassee which houses one of the greatest collection of ornaments one can imagine and we are incredibly fortunate to have them in our hometown.  Their Christmas store is under the helm of another one of my secret weapons, Hurtis.  If you all are lucky enough to have a Hurtis in your life like mine than life is good … very very good!

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Please enjoy the photographs from our home on this Fat Tuesday or any day for that matter.   This is one celebration to have fun with while decorating your home. Remember to collect things as you travel throughout the year that will lend itself to Mardi Gras decorating in your home for the years to come!
Happy Mardi Gras and Sparkle On!

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