Valentine’s Day Sweetness!

Well, hello everyone!  We had a bit of a breather to deeply clean after the Christmas holidays and we had so much fun pulling out the first new decorations for 2017.  To have everything in the house popping with red, pink, and love all over is just perfect on these chilly winter days!

It is quite convenient that our first decorations of the year happen to be adorned with glitter, just in case our deep clean did not actually remove all the glitter from Christmas.  Okay, who are we kidding … We are never a glitter-free zone.  Never!


And the best part is that we are more than okay with this!  So yes, while in the corners, on the shelves, and most probably in the air ducts, you will never see a dust bunny, you will undoubtedly find sparkles of some sort.


Sometimes it is just best to blame it on the glitter fairy and walk away with a smile!


As you have seen in my Thanksgiving and Christmas blog posts, our children’s art and stories have played, and will always play, a huge role in decorating our home.  Valentine’s is no exception and I believe it to be some of the dearest artwork of all!


Handprints, hand made cards, painted pottery, and little dress purses they carried when they were little will forever melt my heart, as well as friends that come into our home and share in the memories.


Our daughters may be in college now, but they will forever be my little girls in pink ruffles running to the car after school with their artful treasures.

At the top of my passion list (and Sweetpea’s!) is the beauty of gardens.  From my own garden, to my neighbors’ gardens, to community gardens, to parks of all sizes and to estates all over the world! As often as possible, I bring the garden theme indoors and interweave throughout my decorations and every day accessories.


Our garden bust, bejeweled with a heart keepsake, is dreaming of hopping
across the ocean blue and sitting amongst the other greats in the gardens of Versailles.  We can all dream!

Another weakness that I may one day need an intervention on, but will steadfastly refuse to succumb to, is the constant additions to my pillow collection.  I love them all.  All shapes, sizes, colors, themes, and textures are fabulous and such a simple way to make a chair, couch, room, or anywhere pop.  (The “I heart you” pillow is from Ross, believe it or not!)


I do believe I owe this addiction to my Grandmother, who actually bought my first pillow for me (which leads to another story on another day).  For now, pillow-makers of the world you have succeeded in winning my constant devotion and I am here to ensure your future revenue! (This love pillow is from Home Goods!)

As always, Elmer shows out quite exceptionally, but with more of a Sergio-tough-guy-heart-breaker kind of attitude this Valentine’s Day.  Rock on with your bad self Elmer and try not to break too many hearts!


Across the room our buck is not quite feeling so flamboyant and probably rolling his eyes and thinking “Oh Deer” … him again!


Mr. Squirrel is showing his love in a “Sweet & Low ” fashion, as is my favorite vase that always makes me smile during my morning coffee.


In my past blog posts, you have seen my dear and talented friend Everett by my side.  Each year this particular vase is strategically placed and we both agree it is he and I reflected in these cherubs- though we may differ on who is who!

May you fill your candy dishes wth chocolate kisses, exchange and enjoy heart shaped messages, cherish your dear ones, and sparkle your home with love.


Happiest of Valentine’s to you all- xoxo!


Special shout-out to Amanda of Catalytic Camera for taking these amazing pictures!

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