Unveiling my “Rachel” dress!

So, for my first venture away from sparkling at home, I want to welcome you into my parade world! My husband and I are presently representing Springtime Tallahassee as the 45th Andrew and Rachel Jackson for this year!

We travel from Minnesota to Bradenton and all over Florida to represent our community organization. It is an honor and we are humbled by it quite often, but it is also a complete blast! Our travels are full of formal balls, krewe parties, and elaborate parades.

Last weekend, my “Rachel” dress was unveiled at our “12th Night Ball” and it was so exciting to see everyone’s reactions. Each year, every Rachel’s dress is different and exemplifies their personality. I chose to mirror my husband’s Andrew Jackson uniform.


I’m so fortunate to have an incredibly talented and gifted artist/seamstress, Donna, in my hometown, who truly could be a creator on the greatest stages of Broadway! She created both Tim and I’s costumes!


She and I started with extensive research of historical gowns and then traveled from New Orleans to Orlando to find the perfect material and trim. We spent numerous evenings working on the dress and I am so beyond happy with it!

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As you’ll see most especially in the bustle and skirt, the patterns are so meticulously matched that no matter which way I turn, they fall beautifully and perfectly in line! Her talent amazes me.


My other secret weapon is my hairdresser, Mary, who could also be creating the most fabulous hairstyles in the greatest cities we know! Not only does she create incredible hair, but she also creates hats, fascinators, or whatever elaborate headpiece is needed for the occasion.


I took to her all the custom pieces from my dress and she used them to make the hat! The crown jewel was the perfect antique broach I found at Canopy Roads Antiques, which is now conveniently located three doors down from Mary’s salon- how perfect!


I look forward to sharing with you all of our future parade escapades, but for now I must say, these ladies are my secret weapons and I couldn’t do it without them! Or Lovey either- of course!

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