Thanksgiving Traditions: New and Old

As the Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, I find myself purposefully slowing down to reflect on all the beauty of fall and one of my newest as well as oldest traditions.  Instead of rushing into your Christmas decorations I invite you to pause with me to reflect also.
Our Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends from close and afar.  Each and every one of of them was welcomed into our home and we could not be more excited and grateful to greet them at our front door.

The bright oranges, yellows, reds, and shades of honey always make our home feel full of warmth. I love to mix in metallic and shine whenever possible and the matte silvers and golds are perfect compliments.
Our kitchen cow, Elmer, who presides over the kitchen is always the first to be decorated and he is quite patient with our fussing over him. I can just imagine he would be rolling his eyes if he could at the amount of times he is adorned year round!
Our newest tradition is one that was a tremendous hit this year and it is a tradition that will be carried on for years to come.  We have a Thanksgiving tree in our breakfast nook that is covered in art from my daughters during their elementary school years.  It meant the world since they were both home from college and we could all remember when they brought these treasures home not so long ago. Of course, the there must be sparkle so it was filled with glittered pine cones, leaves, and pumpkins that show off their memories perfectly.
Our oldest tradition is one of my most cherished things in my life.  The Thanksgiving tree skirt is actually a table cloth that we have had in our family for fifteen years! For fifteen years, our family and Thanksgiving guests have written what they are thankful for in their lives on our table cloth after the feast.  It really is fun to see some just dive in writing while some struggle for hours to find just the right words.  Either way, it is truly a family treasure and I encourage you to start this with your family.  I promise you will cherish it too.
As always, I hope to inspire you to have fun with your decorating, be yourself, be silly, be crazy, be decadent, be simple … just reflect yourself and it will be a gift to all those that know and love you.
Nothing makes me happier to see how much people enjoy our home and its special touches and this is my hope for you too!

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